Personal Retreat To Mount Kisco

Hello … allow me to re-introduce myself…

My name is Dominique Drakeford. I’m the chief curator of a blog called MelaninASS and I’m the co-found of Sustainable Brooklyn. Now that official titles are out of the way - I’m a Black woman from Oakland living in Brooklyn really working daily to to demystify ecological stewardship, dismantle systems of oppression and evaluate the voices and works of POC (especially Black women) in the sustainability space.

I’m carving out this little space to share about some of things that love such as traveling, youth development … some of the things that are challenging such as entrepreneurship and healing and just whatever random thoughts I want to share.

Every year I try to take 1-2 personal trips to re-center myself. Last year I hopped on a Mega Bus and went to Philly and it was so dope. This year - I decided to go up state to Mount Kisco.

The older I get and the more invested I become in my work - the more I appreciate intentional solitude. Getting re-acquainted with my inner-community for the purpose of healing, writing, self exploration or simply to be grounded in nature is so pivotal to my spirit. As my as I love to New York, sometimes I feel like I’m either suffocating and need to breath on my own.

  • Creative/social entrepreneurship isn’t easy, relationships (family, friendship, business or intimate) is not always easy

  • Navigating space in my Blackness is not always easy

  • Being present on social media is not always easy

  • Standing up for what you believe in is not always easy

  • Healing is not always easy

  • Not comparing myself to others is not always easy

So I make time to show up for myself by myself … and it’s really one of the most beautiful things I’ve decided to do in my early career.

… Show up for myself

So this time around … as a nature loving woman - I was looking for exclusion! I wanted some time connect with nature, to be in a beautiful cozy cabin by myself and honestly get some much needed writing done. Mount Kisco was so perfect - just an hour and half from Brooklyn by train!


Define your self-care rituals for you … and you ONLY!