Sustainable Style Has Color & Made By Women of Color

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Feelin’ Good

Lookin’ Good

🌿 Oversized stripe shirt by Kanelle
🌿Janine pants by Little Things Studio
🌿 Trifold Wallet by Arture
🌿Pyramid scarf by Rias Jaipur
🌿 Wooden frames that contribute to reforestation & funding rural schools in Haiti by Black Owned brand Enbois
🌿Thrifted slides from Monk Vintage
🌿Repurposed driftwood earring found in San Juan Island, Washington by Grey Jays
🌿 Ankle beads purchased by artisan while in Ghana

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All of the above items are from the only 100% melanin operated online retailer who sells contemporary luxe slow fashion designs by local Indian designers. I featured @ikkiviofficial on @melaninass b/c I’m obsessed with their 30+ designers and love how they’re challenging the stigmas of India fashion while building local circularity!

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An IKKIVI x NISOLO Desert Collaboration

There’s something so beautiful being in the desert and having your outer skin reflect the beauty of the natural habitat. In this space - earth tones are majestic royal!

Dress via IKKIVI-

Designer: Mati - 'Mati' in Hindi means 'soil'. Soil can be moulded into various shapes. Designer Fatima K. Punjaabi captures this essence into her clothes as a reflection of her personal style.

The brand is all about comfortable silhouettes. The raw organic feel comes from sustainable and handwoven fabrics, shapes that are inspired by nature and colours that are earthy and natural.

Slides -

Nisolo - a shoe brand that is intentionally designed creating ethically made goods at a fair price. These slides were handmade in a factory owned and operate in Peru.


Thrifted (Out of the Closet LA)


When Minimalism Clashes With Architecture To Create Street Style


Palais De La Bahia

White dress- Thrifted

Top - Bias (IKKIVI) Cotton jute yoke and cotton crochet body

Shoes - Adidas

Necklace - Purchased in Moroccan Market

Head wrap - Purchased in India Market years ago