The 1st of December Got A Girl Feeling Herself In This 2 Piece Silk Set


2 piece silk set - J Song Way

Faux fur bucket hat - Thrifted from Monk Vintage

Floppy hat - Thrifted from Monk Vintage

Frames - Thrifted

Platform heels - Thrifted in Ghana


The month of December is always exciting for me - not because of the holiday but it's such an important time for reflection and goal setting just before the New Year. I have some much to be thankful for and I've accomplished quite a bit this year! So for that, I have nothing but smiles on the first day of December! This golden two piece makes me just want to dance. It gives me all of the SOLANGE VIBES -and she without question is my style icon. Great style and great energy makes a great first day of December.