Hemp & Organic Cotton Against My Skin To Start Off My Monday


Motivation Monday


Dress - Chan & Krys (woven with 55% hemp & 45% organic cotton)

Choker - AAKS (handmade leather w/ raffia made in Ghana) 


Everyone loves the weekend but for many entrepreneurs there's no such thing as the weekend. The weekend is simply a state of mind. My favorite day of the week is oddly enough - is Monday! It's such an important day for me to start my weekly intentions off with the right energy! Every Monday I work, dance, sing and party in my head. Monday's are my weekend and I'm okay with that. And what better way to start the week off than by wearing Chan & Krys' comfy organic cotton & hemp dress! 

Sitting by the window seal, listening to Jazz while the inscent burns, marinating in my sustainable fashion dress as I plot how to make a positive impact .... YEA I'M THAT GIRL! #MondayMotivation