Strawberry Shortcake

Less is more! A white vintage slip dress with a pair of white beat up chucks is simply perfection! Top it off with some fun socks and it's a look! 


A Kiss of Pink

Vintage Slip Dress 

Socks - Hot Sox 

Shoes - Chucks 

A minimalistic look with a touch of sass! 


A Day in D.C.

I love wearing all black these days! But nothing says, "Hello Spring" like a vintage blazer on top of that black panther ensemble.


Vintage is an Accessory

Vintage blazer - Christian Dior

Sweater - Bad Decision Adventure Club (hemp & organic cotton blend) 

Jeans - Levis

Necklace - Arts Boheme (black onyx; white opaque glass beads, Czech crystal beads and pewter) 

Glasses- thrifted 


Saturday Farmer's Market with bagE


Boho Vibes

Sweater top - Trove

Wide Leg pants - thrifted

Fedora - Thrifted

Reusable Tote - BagE

I'm finally excited about farmer market season now that Spring is in full bloom. Shopping at farmer's markets, local grocers and Trader Joe's are my top places to invest in healthy food options. 

Especially with the weather nice there are two "must do's" on my list when I'm grocery shopping:    1) dress comfortably cute and 2) bring my own reusable shopping bag and/or produce bag. The amount of single serve plastic that's wasted during grocery shopping is astounding. I've particularly been loving the bagE Pack, which consists of a washable reusable shopping tote Bag and Set of 3 premium reusable mesh produce bags.

I know it's Earth Month, but to me every month is Earth Month! It's extremely important that we start to make better environmental decisions that become part of our lifestyle. And I'm going to continue to use and support brands who invest their time and energy in the triple bottom line: people, planet & profit. 


Prints x Graffiti = An Urban Masterpiece

I've been slowly transitioning my wardrobe to a more monochromatic vibe. As I continuously evolve as a person, I'm starting to fall in love with the elegance and beauty of simplicity (with pops of pattern). However, from time to time I get back to my roots of loving to mix and match prints when I'm feeling bold and daring.  

Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 9.57.14 AM.png

Ankara Prints

Jacket - Handmade in Malawi by Mwayi

Skirt- thrifted in street market while in Ghana

Headwrap - thrifted in street market while in Ghana

Bandeau - Oakland street vendor



Melanin on Melanin on Melanin

EmptyName 100.jpg

Burnt Orange Always

Joggers & Jacket - Chan & Krys

Thrifted Heels from Ghana

Secondhand glasses & metal necklace - Monk Vintage

EmptyName 97.jpg
EmptyName 78.jpg
EmptyName 15.jpg

Cool Girls Care


Who Needs New Clothes

"Cool Girls Care" tee - Neo Thread

Upcycled vintage trousers

Thrifted purse

Levis denim jacket

U.O. Infinity scarf - headwrap

Bracelet - Natalie Frigo ( vintage lucite & bronze) 


Vintage & Italian Threads

This was literally just a casual day for me. I love comfortable clothing, especially if I have a busy day ahead of me. The weather in NY is still pretty cold so layering up is a must. All solid and earth tone colors - and again, I love to mix textures! You don't have to be stunting every single day - sometimes keeping it simple is the key! : ) 

40% Hemp 60% Organic Cotton Cardie Sweater -  Cecilia Rinaldi   Vintage Denim Dress -  Awoke Vintage Brooklyn    Velvet Leggings - American Apparel  Long sleeve 100% silk top - Vintage Ann Taylor

40% Hemp 60% Organic Cotton Cardie Sweater - Cecilia Rinaldi

Vintage Denim Dress - Awoke Vintage Brooklyn

Velvet Leggings - American Apparel

Long sleeve 100% silk top - Vintage Ann Taylor


All Black Bamboo With A Pop Of Pink Shearling


Day 4 of my trip in Barcelona is all about comfort! Susana Colina's super soft long sleeve bamboo dress was perfectly chic and practical. Colina is known for her luxury pieces that bring about feminine minimalism. I loved adding the pop of color - hence the hot pink shearling collar by Onar. Onar creates the pieces are handcrafted in Finland and Greece exclusively from by-products of European meat industry (highly regulated meet market) with all materials being ethically-sourced, vegetable-tanned and 100% chrome-free. 

With the weather being about 60 degrees, this look was a perfect for a full day of chic tourism. 

Urban Chic meets Ethically Made


Chillin' in Spain when it's made in India

Pom Pom "The Charlene" sweater - Trove

Trousers - Thrifted from Brown Butterfly Vintage

Olive Quartz Necklace - Arts Boheme

Clear Quartz Necklace - thrifted in Barcelona


It's day 3 in Barcelona, Spain and this look is perfect for being comfortable while still being chic. I love the simplicity of black sweater and the pom pom's give it just the right amount of chic sass. I love that Trove (the brand of the sweater) celebrates artisan craft and culture through ethical production. I'm all for it! This particular sweater is made in India. 

Organic Cotton in Güell Park, Barcelona




Day 2 of Barcelona was all about hitting tourist attractions while finding the discrete and intricate beauties of traditional architecture. Güell Park has some of the most majestic sights marrying nature and immaculate stone work. Grammar's organic cotton Dangling Modifier shirt dress has a similar beauty of sheer functionality with beautiful craftsmanship and attention to detail. 


Ghana Gold

This custom ARTS BOHEME piece is composed of:

  • brass crafted in Africa using the lost wax technique

  • The focal bead is a brass heart whose texture is echoed in the subsequent brass accent beads

  • Hand cast recycled glass beads in swirls of orange and blue have their colors carried through out the necklace in the solid color stones

  • crystals of citrine and Swarovski.

This piece is complimented by the Ghana Gold bracelet


The Last Saturday In 2017


Brooklyn Metallic Winter

Metallic skirt- Vintage

Faux fur cropped vest - thrifted French Connection

Long sleeve 100% silk top - Vintage Ann Taylor

Wide brim hat - Alter Brooklyn

Heeled Snow boots - Ann Klein 


I'm truly obsessed with Earth tones - it just looks so beautiful on melanin! Browns, golds, olive greens and burnt oranges - the mosaic of warm colors against any Brooklyn neighborhood is so majestic. I'm really unapologetic about mixing solid warm colors with textures. Nobody can tell me that faux fur, silk and metallic aren't meant to be together LOL. : ) 

Casual Cali Days

The one thing I love about Cali more than anything are the outdoors and the vast array of wilderness. Sometimes fashion isn't about style, about about the ability to just BE and what makes you feel comfortable enough to be immerse in the natural world. 


Blouse - thrifted from Beacon's Closet 

Velvet Leggings - Urban Outfitters (Been rockin' these bad boys for about 5 years) 

Kicks - Adidas 

On The Cover of Ethical Style Journal



OSU Button- Down - Printed Pattern People 

COLE Felt Hat - Vaute Couture (made from recycled plastic bottles)

Wrap - The Wrap Life

Purple bronzed earrings - Blessed Design (recycled jewelry)


Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at 7.57.18 PM.png


Athen top - Reformation (linen from surplus)

Slouchy pant - Miakoda (organic cotton)

Cuff bracelet - Ten Thousand Villages



"Conversation and context is such a huge step in the process because we have all been conditioned to think, feel, and advocate a certain way for so long. Conversation will force us all to further education ourselves" - Dominique Drakeford



Hemp & Organic Cotton Against My Skin To Start Off My Monday


Motivation Monday


Dress - Chan & Krys (woven with 55% hemp & 45% organic cotton)

Choker - AAKS (handmade leather w/ raffia made in Ghana) 


Everyone loves the weekend but for many entrepreneurs there's no such thing as the weekend. The weekend is simply a state of mind. My favorite day of the week is oddly enough - is Monday! It's such an important day for me to start my weekly intentions off with the right energy! Every Monday I work, dance, sing and party in my head. Monday's are my weekend and I'm okay with that. And what better way to start the week off than by wearing Chan & Krys' comfy organic cotton & hemp dress! 

Sitting by the window seal, listening to Jazz while the inscent burns, marinating in my sustainable fashion dress as I plot how to make a positive impact .... YEA I'M THAT GIRL! #MondayMotivation

A Chill Day With Mother Earth




Top- Chan + Krys (locally sourced deadstock fabric) 

Joggers - Chan + Krys (Bamboo/ organic cotton/ spandex)

Maxi Duster Jacket - Thrifted (Oakland)

Scarf - Thrifted (Oakland)